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  • Pippa Gawley

ZCF investor Ground Control featured in Forbes

Forbes just published an article about Zero Carbon Fund investors, Ground Control and its directors, Kim and Simon Morrish. They have created an Evergreen Fund from the profits of the successful landscaping company to invest in environmental and climate impact. We're honoured that they chose Zero Carbon Capital to be a channel partner to help them find interesting opportunities, as well the Fund itself being one of their first investments, .

“Morrish says: “We are just now closing on our first investments in Zero Carbon Fund, Switchee, and Chargepoint.... The world is lacking political leadership right now and businesses and individuals must do all they can to mitigate the risks that climate change poses. I believe that if we don’t act decisively on this, large swathes of the planet could become uninhabitable, with the consequent global humanitarian and refugee crisis that would in itself create.”

Much deserved great coverage for Kim & Simon's values and action. We think leaning in to climate investing in the middle of a pandemic shows inspiring leadership and focus on long-term priorities.

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