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  • Alex Gawley

ZCC closes £20M fund to accelerate early-stage scientific solutions to deep decarbonisation

The ZCC team
The ZCC team

We are thrilled to announce that ZCC has successfully closed our £20 million fund dedicated to investing in pre-seed and seed-stage companies across Europe that are developing groundbreaking scientific solutions for deep decarbonisation. This is an amazing milestone on the journey started by Pippa 8 years ago, and now continued by the group of scientist VCs she has assembled as our team.

"We want a future where humans are thriving on a healthy planet with healthy ecosystems. We believe deeply that the combination of brilliant scientific advances with sustainable, scalable commercial models is the best way to get there. Our team is uniquely positioned to catalyse those opportunities at the earliest moments, supporting ambitious scientists that are building businesses to tackle the hardest problems in decarbonisation." Pippa Gawley, Managing Partner at ZCC

The fund attracted investment from a diverse group of both institutional, corporate and individual investors, including Isomer Capital, Green Future Investments, Bunge Ventures, and Extantia Climate All-stars. This mix of investors underscores the broad support for ZCC's mission to tackle the planet's most pressing environmental challenges through science.

"We are thrilled to partner with Zero Carbon Capital, given their extensive experience in climate tech and the strong team they have built. Their unique blend of scientific research capabilities and operational experience positions them to identify, analyze, and support leading early-stage climate tech companies across Europe." Chloe Dagnell, Principal at Isomer Capital.

ZCC portfolio company founders
ZCC portfolio company founders

The fund has already made significant progress, investing in twelve innovative companies aligned with our mission, including:

  • Level Nine: Pioneering chemical manufacturing from biological feedstocks.

  • Ionate: Developing smart transformers to bolster the renewable grid.

  • NetZeroNitrogen: Utilising bacteria to fix atmospheric nitrogen in plants, reducing reliance on synthetic fertilisers.

  • RepAir: Innovating low-power electrochemical direct air capture technology to efficiently remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

These investments reflect our commitment to transformative change in areas of critical need. Beyond providing capital, we are dedicated to fostering a community of climate tech innovators and leaders, offering strategic support to ensure our portfolio companies can scale effectively and contribute significantly to global carbon reduction.

"ZCC were our first investors, and their guidance has been invaluable in our journey to decarbonize concrete. Their team's support has been instrumental to our growth." Liv Anderson, CEO of portfolio company Biozeroc.

The successful close of this fund marks a pivotal milestone for us at ZCC, reaffirming our dedication to leading climate tech investment and supporting the development of solutions that will have a profound impact on our planet's future. If you are a European pre-seed startup with the ambition to have a big impact on decarbonisation, we want to hear from you!


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