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  • Pippa Gawley

ZCF partners with Impact Agora

We are absolutely thrilled to be chosen as a launch partner for Impact Agora, a new platform for the impact investing ecosystem which enables deal sharing between accelerators, fund managers, investor networks, corporates and other wealth managers. Impact Agora is sponsored by Barclays and powered by Delio.

Impact Agora held a virtual launch event on April 2nd with with keynotes from Roderick Beer from the UKBAA, Sarah Gordon from the Impact Investing Institute, Eva Dimitriadis from The Conduit Connect and Jon Coker from the awesome Eka Ventures - another fund sharing a climate focus.

With so many entrepreneurs and investors on hold at the moment, it's inspirational to see this new force joining the impact landscape. We hope to play a part in its mission to share investment opportunities and get capital flowing to grow the impact investing market.

Screenshot of the Impact Agora homepage


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