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  • Pippa Gawley

ZCC supports the new Tech Nation Net Zero programme

The 30 companies forming the inaugural cohort of the Tech Nation Net Zero programme were announced today. This is a government-backed programme to support UK tech companies helping the UK achieve its Net Zero by 2050 goal. Learn more about the Net Zero 1.0 companies.

ZCC's Pippa was part of the judging team for the selection process, and supported their new report about the state of NetZero investing in the UK

“Supporting early-stage technology innovation can make proven solutions better and cheaper, as well as creating new solutions in the hard-to-abate areas like industrial heat and land use. Both approaches can make a real difference to the speed of the net zero transition.” Pippa Gawley,  Zero Carbon Capital 

What we like about the programme: they have pretty awesome connections and the ability to access the mentors and capital that these companies really need. They also have a genuine emphasis on climate impact, and supporting all kinds of diversity throughout the process.

If you want to learn more: there is a showcase day on 25th Nov, follow Tech Nation on Twitter or LinkedIn to keep updated.


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