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  • Alex Gawley

ZCC and Innovate UK partner on Green Hydrogen competition

We're excited to be partnering with Innovate UK and KTN to support their "Generation, storage and distribution of hydrogen" programme.

Hydrogen has the potential to be a carbon-free alternative to natural gas in several situations, particularly where high heat is required. We feel strongly that it will be a key part of the energy mix in 2050. But to get there we need to reduce the cost of creating green hydrogen (most hydrogen today is made from Methane in a highly carbon-intense process), and work through several challenges in both distribution and storage of Hydrogen (it is much more corrosive than Natural Gas).

The programme is designed to support innovators developing solutions that support the production, storage and distribution of green hydrogen, which if scaled, could have a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions.

To be considered innovators should meet the following criteria:

  • Solution has a place in the net zero carbon world of 2050 e.g. not a transitional technology, and not providing incentives for industries to continue carbon-emitting activities such as fossil fuel production

  • Be Seed/Series A, looking to raise equity investment now or in the near future

  • Company must be incorporated in UK or Europe

  • At least two co-founders, likely scientists

  • Solution is rooted in defendable, scientific innovation

We're excited to be working alongside folks like IQ Capital, Chrysalix and CEMEX to support this effort.

If you are an entrepreneur in the Hydrogen space, take a look!


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