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  • Alex Gawley

Ionate wins EIC Award for Future Energy System

Congratulations to Matthew and Rob at portfolio company Ionate, who recently won the Energy Innovation Award for Future Energy System, presented by the Energy Innovation Centre (EIC), recognising their "potential for future impact towards the energy systems transition" from amongst a impressive field of finalists.

IONATE's state-of-the-art power-flow control technology, the Hybrid Intelligent Transformer (HIT), provides sensing and monitoring, dynamic voltage- and power factor control and harmonics removal all within one device, while staying as reliable and affordable as a traditional transformer.

This type of device will be required in electricity grids of the future to help them move to a high proportion of renewables while maintaining power quality - a job that is today often done by gas-turbine generation. Ionate's solution is a smart, simple drop in replacement for grid owners and can even be installed directly in a renewable generation site to improve its connection to the grid.

We love working with Matthew and Rob and are excited to be part of their journey to build a really big, impactful company. Congrats again!


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