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  • Alex Gawley

Investing in Anaphite - faster charging, longer-lived batteries for EVs

We're thrilled to announce that our recent investment in Bristol-based, battery startup Anaphite.

Anaphite’s innovative techniques for incorporating graphene into Li-ion batteries will reduce the cost and charging time of EV batteries, removing two of the key purchase barriers for Electric Vehicles and speeding the transition of the transportation sector toward zero-emissions. Passenger cars alone account for more than 3Gt CO2e emissions per year, 6% of our global total. Anaphite's technology is designed to drop-in to existing Li-Ion manufacture...

Our production process is inherently scalable to the levels required to make a real dent in this rapidly growing industry, hopefully increasing our chances in the ongoing battle with climate change. Alex Hewitt, founder Anaphite

The total value of the round was £1.2m. We had the privilege of leading the round with a £300k investment and work alongside Bristol Private Equity Club (BPEC) contributing almost £500k, Syndicate Room and several awesome angels. This was BPEC's largest individual investment and a follow on to their previous support for Anaphite.

We supported a previous project of Anaphite involving graphene and we are pleased to have made another big investment in what is a very exciting science-led contribution to the way we all travel in the future. Jerry Barnes, founder BPEC

Pippa will be taking a board observer seat with Anaphite alongside the existing investor-board member from the BPEC group.

Sam and Alex are amazing scientist-entrepreneurs working in a deeply technical area and we’re excited to be partners on their journey toward commercialisation. Welcome to the family Anaphite!


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