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  • Alex Gawley

Echion sign deal to supply Morrow Batteries

Congratulations to ZCF portfolio company Echion on their latest partnership announcement, which will see them supplying their unique XNO Anode material to Morrow Batteries, Norway for use in their LNMO-X batteries

This is an amazing milestone for Echion, demonstrating not just the impressive technical milestones they have achieved but also a really clear market signal for the benefits they provide. The new LNMO-X batteries will have improved safety, cycle-life, and fast-charging capabilities without compromising energy density - key features of Echion's Niobium tech.

Rahul Fotedar, Morrow, CTO commented: “The technology’s ability to deliver competitive energy density at blistering charging speeds and long cycle life has the potential to unlock new application areas. Our cooperation with Echion is key to the scaling of this innovative battery product.”

Bringing these battery characteristics to the EV market can accelerate the adoption of EVs across the spectrum of use cases, helping us speed up the removal of nearly 6Gt of CO2(e) emissions associated with road transport.


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