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  • Alex Gawley

🔋 Anaphite raises £4.1m and appoints new CEO

Congratulations to portfolio company Anaphite on closing their £4.1m late-seed round led by Elbow Beach Capital and in which we participated.

It has been amazing to see Sam and Alex make really impressive progress since our initial investment in 2021. Their graphene-based tech continues to show great promise in reducing both the cost and charging times of Li-ion batteries. - key drivers that will help us accelerate EV adoption and eliminate the 3Gt annual CO2 emissions from passenger cars.

Hot on the heals of the funding round, Anaphite also announced that they have appointed a new CEO Joe Stevenson. Joe has 25 years experience of bringing to market new functional materials and processes in chemical, automotive and energy applications and will be a great fit to work with Sam and Alex in the next phase of development of the company.

Welcome Joe! And congratulations again to Alex, Sam and the whole Anaphite team.


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