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Catalysts for Climate Tech

Backing exceptional early-stage founders to solve

the biggest challenges of decarbonisation

Hard problems. Transformative solutions.

Human activities emit about 50B tonnes of CO2e per year. In order to slow and ultimately reverse catastrophic climate change, we need to reduce emissions to zero and then go negative.

Huge parts of the global economy, responsible for billions of tons of these emissions, have no current viable plan to decarbonise. We need to bring together the power of deep scientific innovation and market dynamics to transform almost every industry and sector. This is not business as usual. It is a race to slash our emissions and reverse the effects of climate change.

We invest in European pre-seed and seed companies, developing transformative hard science-based technologies with a 0.5 Gt CO2e per year emission reduction potential.

How we help founders.

We're scientists and engineers by education and have spent our careers at the intersection of technology, innovation and business. We've been fortunate to work with, and learn from, some of the smartest people in the world and to have worked on products that have impacted billions of lives.

We all realised that what we were doing would not matter very much if we aren't able to avoid the most disastrous consequences of the climate crisis. We've turned our attention to what we can do to support entrepreneurs and scientists in the fight for the future of our planet.


Lower your activation energy.

As first money investors, we invest at the earliest stage. We understand what it takes for a scientist-entrepreneurs to be successful, and will work tirelessly to provide the funding and support you will need to go from the lab to a fully fledged company.


Accelerate your progress.

Years of business experience and working with successful climate tech startups gives us the edge in helping you execute your business plan with speed and scale. Our network of advisors and investors are there to help you with any problem you encounter.


Realise your full potential.

We are just as ambitious for your business as you are. We want you to succeed at scale. We’re are able to continue to support you with follow on capital and our deep connections to late stage investors until you are there.

What do we do?

Latest news.

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